Mike was born in Grand Junction, Colorado, but was primarily raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  Early religious teaching and guidance in his life came from two places.  The first place was a Christian home, where his parents reared him in the way of the Lord.  The second place was his church, where he met sincere Christians who taught him by both lesson and example.  Mike accepted the Lord into his life while in the fourth grade.  He followed the Lord in Baptism shortly after.  It was while Mike was a sophomore in high school that he felt God’s calling him to surrender his life to full time Christian ministry.  After beginning college, He began a pastorate in the local church and it is through the pastoral ministry that he has been serving the Lord ever since.

Mike has earned a Bachelor of Science in Christian Education from Hannibal LaGrange College in Hannibal, Missouri.  After college, he attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned a Master of Divinity degree with Biblical Languages, followed by a Master of Arts in Christian Education.  Mike has also earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with an emphasis in preaching, a Doctorate of Education and Leadership from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and is currently finishing up a PhD in Biblical Ministry from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In addition to Mike’s education, he is a nationally certified Church Business Administrator through the National Association of Church Business Administrators (NACBA).  He is the author of The Revitalized Church (2012), co-author of Leadership Principles for Church Revitalization; How Revitalizers Lead Churches to Grow (due out in late summer of 2017), and a featured writer (in the area of church leadership) for a national magazine entitled, The Church Revitalizer.   

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Pictured from Left to Right: Micah, Joshua, Anna, Mike, Mason, Sara, Abigail, and Julia

In 2013, the Colorado Baptist General Convention elected Mike to serve as the President of the convention and the chairman of the Executive Board; a responsibility that he fulfilled for two terms.    

Mike and his wife Sara were united in marriage on August 5, 2000.  They have been serving the Cornerstone
family since June of 2005.  Mike and Sara have six children: Anna, Abigail, Joshua, Julia, Micah, and Mason.