Coming in Summer of 2017:

Leadership Principles for Church Revitalization: How Revitalizers Lead Churches to Grow

By: Tom Cheyney and Mike Atherton


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The local church is the only organization that can facilitate eternal hope, lasting change, and total transformation in the lives of people and communities everywhere. Even so, today’s local churches are often in desperate need of renewal and revitalization themselves. In The Revitalized Church, Pastor Michael Atherton uses his firsthand experiences to show how a local church community can once again become vibrant. The
Revitalized Church shares Atherton’s eighteen-month journey merging two church communities with a common vision and discusses the challenges and the victories he encountered. In addition, he examines the key biblical leadership principles that were used to help sustain the church community. Atherton shows how these practical principles can be successfully implemented in any church community, and he outlines the foundational elements that must be woven into a church’s DNA. Atherton communicates the lessons he learned in order to assist other congregations connect with the church and with Christ. The Revitalized Church provides guidance to help unleash the power of God in the life of your church.

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